Download & Setup

MATLAB Version

The BEST Toolbox application is compatible with any MATLAB version older than r2006, however MATLAB version should exactly be r2017b when the BEST Toolbox is to be used in conjunction with the bossdevice.

Download BEST Toolbox Repository

The latest repository of BEST Toolbox prerelase version 0.1 can be downloaded fromĀ here.

Required APIs & MATLAB Toolboxes

BEST Toolbox is dependent on following APIs and MATLAB Toolboxes:

  • bossdevice API (also part of BEST Toolbox repository – no download required)
  • MAGIC (also part of BEST Toolbox repository – no download required)
  • FieldTrip Toolbox (download required)

Additionally if the BEST Toolbox is intended to be used with bossdevice then please setup the bossdevice API as instructed on its website here. Generally, this will require following MathWorks products:

  • Simulink Real-Time
  • Simulink Coder


BEST Toolbox

After downloading BEST Toolbox from the branch as instructed above, perform the following steps:

  1. Unzip the repository’s zip file
  2. Copy the path of unzipped repository
  3. Use the following command syntax on your MATLAB Command Window after replacing <path_to_besttoolbox_downloaded_UNZipped_repository> with the path copied in 2nd step.

FieldTrip Toolbox

In order to setup FieldTrip properly please follow the tutorial given here.